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Last Updated: 2342 hrs on 03-05-2018

Training Modules

LED with and without Switch and Arduino
  • Digitipal Pins
    • LED without AU
    • LED with push button without AU
    • LED with AU
  • Understading Analog Pins
    • LED with Potentiometer
  • Understanding PWM Pins
    • Intensity controll of LED
    • LED and Light Dependent Register (LDR)
Controlling DC Motors
  • Introduction to DC Motor
  • L298-L293 Motor Driver
    • Control DC motors (two) of a cart with motor driver
    • Detrmine velocity of cart and rpm of motor
    • Trace a rectangle/circle using motor control
Interface Ultrasonic Sensor and LCD
  • Physics of Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Measure  distances of the objects
  • Display the distances on LCD
Line Follower Robot
  • IR Sensor Module
    • Output value analysis
    • Range Calibration
  • Concept of Line Follower
    • IR sensor value
    • Concept of turning
    • Logic Building
Develop a Lux meter

Design and Develop a Lux meter

Drawing Master Robot (Drobo)

Design a Robot to draw the following shapes of any given dimensions.

  • Circle
  • Triangle
  • Reactangle
  • Any customised shape with known curves
Height Measuring Device
  • Design and Develop height mesurement equipment using Ultrasonic sensor and LCD